Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Don't have a web site yet?

Well, let's get started! The internet offers one of the most cost effective ways to present information and offer sales to your customers. Printed materials can be costly, and if changes or additions are necessary, all previously printed materials must be modified.  With a web site, you can change information, or add products in minutes, and the information is instantly available to the world!

We can help you from start to finish and can design your entire site for you using the colors and layout of your choice.

Web design services offered on the "KIS" principle - "keep it simple."

Recent Survey
A survey conducted by Knowledge Systems and Research Inc. found that web surfers are easily frustrated and overwhelmed.

Users average only four clicks on a site without finding what they seek before they abandon it, and 83% then move on to another site instead of using a search function or calling customer service.

The survey asked:
"What do you consider most important when visiting a web site?"

Navigation 78%
Fast download time 67%
Quality of content 60%
Regularly updated 55%
Access to support 51%
Organization 45%
Search function 25%
Front page layout 24%
Aesthetic (look & feel) 22%
Fun 21%
Use of animated graphics 3%

Clearly, a simple easy to navigate layout is best.

Flashy graphics don't make a site more useful for users and can make a site confusing.

If you are selling online, the internet allows your "store" to be open 24/7, so you can be making sales even while you're sleeping. More and more, we are seeing consumers preferring to shop from the comfort of their own home, and without the crowded lines in retail stores.

Our e-commerce solutions offer secure transmission of information, providing security for your customers and peace of mind for you.

If you are introducing your customers to your products (restaurants, health clubs, and more) we can give you easy ways to keep your customers up to date.  We have custom solutions that allow you to update your own pages with NO prior experience.

For more information please check out the rest of this site, and feel free to contact us with questions or to get started today!