Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Image Editing

While taking or scanning pictures of your products for your online store is generally your responsibility, we offer basic image editing at very reasonable rates.

What is image editing?

Image editing may start with an image that looks like this.  This is a fine image, however the background color may not blend well with the web site colors, and may distract from the main subject.

We can crop, cut, add shadows or other effects to make it look like this.  This allows your product or images to really stand out, without the distraction of the background or the interruption in the page caused by picture borders.

Why have your images edited?  Take a look at the difference, and at more examples below.  Image editing can take an image that you took yourself and give it that extra something that really allows your products and your web site to stand out!

Compositions can also be constructed.  This is especially helpful when you wish to portray multiple items together and cannot get satisfactory results photographing them together, or it is not possible to photograph them together.  This allows you to photograph one item at a time and compose them later into one image as desired.

Images can be edited for an artistic touch, also.  While you wouldn't use effects such as this on products that you are selling, they can be used to create a certain look and feel for your web site overall.

Whether to edit image or not can be a personal preference.  Sometimes we can use the background of an image to enhance the image itself or perhaps show an item in its intended surroundings.  In this case, do the surroundings add to the image, or do they take away? 

With this image editing in place, does it enhance or detract from the image?  There can be advantages such as reducing file size by allowing cropping down to the minimum size needed for display.  At times, removing a background can allow you to focus on the detail of the item, or make the item stand out on the page with a familiar or unique shape of it's own.

For more information on image editing, please feel free to email images (at) getyourstoreonline.com.  Reasonable rates are charged by the picture depending on the desired results.